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News Roundup (Fall 2017)

First half of 2017-18 year turned out to be a fantastic, energetic start. Long-time member, Paul, moved to Virginia, but we also got to meet many new faces: Kate, John, Diana, Xiaochuan, Christine, Holly, Ariel, Carlos, RJ, Ann, Ros, Toby, Milena, and Cece.

David and Raymond earned their Competent Communicator awards, while David and Isaac completed their Competent Leader awards. As a result, we got to meet 6 out of 10 Distinguished Club Program goals and achieve the Pacesetter Challenge set by our district. Just 4 more goals to go for Elite President's Distinguished Club award!

This fall, we introduced the Best Table Topics Speaker award and got to hand out many hand-drawn ribbons thanks to Kate, David, and Diana. In addition, to help members meet their speech goals, we implemented having 4 speakers once a month and listing backup speakers.

We also got know each other outside of meetings, through dinner, mentoring, comedy stand-ups, district training, and Halloween and Christmas specials. I encourage everyone to create events and invite fellow members.

Lastly, we elected new officers for spring term. Many thanks to continuing officers and new members, Holly and Kate, who stepped up to be our VP Membership and Secretary!


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