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At Central Austin, we are always teaching and learning from everyone. We also help each other one-on-one.

Mentors help less experienced members, mentees, find their potential. Mentors serve as a role model, coach, and confidant. Finally, mentors offer knowledge, insight, and wisdom useful to their mentees.

A mentor and a mentee go on a journey together in Toastmasters.

1. Outcomes

Outcomes for Mentees:
  • Deliver 3 awesome speeches

  • Learn club standards

  • Navigate Pathways site

  • Get extra feedback

Outcomes for Mentors:
  • Complete Pathways Mentor Program

  • Build professional development

  • Help strengthen our club

2. How to Sign Up

Steps for Mentees:
  1. Within a week of joining, your officers will assign a mentor.

  2. If, for any reason, you didn't get one, contact your officers immediately.

Steps for Mentors:
  1. You must have completed 4 speech projects.

  2. Talk to your officers about becoming a mentor.

  3. Participate in the online training.

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