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In 2017, Toastmasters International launched a new education program, Pathways.

1. Address unique goals by providing multiple paths.

2. Treat communication and leadership as one, inseparable quality.

3. Use technology to help you learn better.

Pathways, the new Toastmasters education, considers communication and leadership to be one, inseparable quality.

Here is our promise to you: You get to choose which path you want to work on, how far you want to go, and how fast you want to improve yourself. No matter your choice, we will always support you in your journey.

1. What's My Path?

After joining Central Austin, you will select a path that best fits your goals in Toastmasters. Currently, there are 11 paths in Pathways. Click on the tiles to learn more.

If you are still unsure, no worries! Each path has 5 levels, and the first two are the same for all paths. You can also get advice from your mentor and fellow members.

2. Level 1 Projects

Congratulations on selecting a path! You are now a step closer to working on your goals.

Level 1 consists of three projects. You will give a total of 4 speeches and 1 evaluation, meet various goals along the way, and set new ones for your next level.

Level 1 Projects
  • Ice Breaker

  • Evaluation and Feedback

  • Researching and Presenting

Log in to Portal today to download your projects. When you are ready to give a speech, you can sign up for a speaking role on our agenda.

3. Your Path to DTM

Just like in the traditional program, you can achieve DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster), the highest recognition from Toastmasters International.

Earning a DTM requires years of hard work. If you know of someone working on their DTM, please lend them your support and encouragement!

Distinguished Toastmaster
  • Complete 2 paths

  • Serve 4 leadership roles

  • Finish DTM project

4. DCP Goals

Every year (July 1 to June 30), Central Austin Toastmasters participates in meeting all 10 DCP goals (Distinguished Club Program).

The reason is simple. We love setting and meeting goals ❤. Not just as individuals, but as a club too. These goals help us create many opportunities to collaborate and succeed together.

Yearly Educational Goals
  • 4+ members finish Level 1

  • 4+ members finish Level 2

  • 2+ members finish Level 3

  • 1+ member finishes Level 4

  • 1+ member finishes Level 5

Visit the DCP Dashboard to check how we are doing. Ask your officers how you can help!

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