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Virtual Meetings

To promote health and safety of our members and guests amid the COVID-19 outbreak, Central Austin Toastmasters has elected to hold virtual meetings on Zoom.


We will hold weekly meetings in this format until further notice. As always, guests are welcome to attend our meetings!


Is Central Austin Toastmasters still holding meetings?

Yes! We have our regular meetings on Zoom, every Monday from 6:30 to 7:30 pm.

That's great! How do I get invited to a Zoom meeting?

If you are a member, you will get a club email over the weekend. The email contains Zoom meeting details.


If you are a guest, please RSVP on our Meetup. Everyone who RSVPs will receive Zoom meeting details before the meeting.

Will the meeting format change?

As little as possible. We are learning how to hold effective virtual Toastmasters meetings. Rest assured, our goal is give you a familiar setting as always!

Virtual Meeting Guidelines

Speaking virtually can be tough just like in-person. To help everyone give their speech with confidence, we ask that you follow our guidelines below:

  • Mute your microphone if you are not currently speaking. Many people will be in the Zoom call. Please respect the speakers by minimizing distraction and cross talk. We reserve the right to mute your mic if needed.

  • Turn on your camera if possible. Show your friendly face and be just as engaged as you would be in a physical meeting. This is very encouraging and supportive for our speakers.

  • Observe the timer if you have a speaking role. We still want to be mindful of our time limit so that others have time to speak too. Learn how to pin a video on Zoom.

  • Send messages to the speakers. In lieu of applause and other social interactions, you can send messages to a speaker to share feedback and words of encouragement. Please send your message after they finish speaking to avoid distracting them.

  • Follow the agenda online. You can find the meeting agenda on our website!

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