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News Roundup (Q1 2017)

At the Golden Gavel meeting, members of Central Austin Toastmasters gathered for the annual group photo.

We started 2017 very well! Let's review what we achieved in education, membership, and public relations between January and March.



We presented 3 speeches nearly every week for our members and guests. I'm especially proud of how we worked as a team to let new members give an ice breaker soon after they joined, as well as let experienced members give their speeches.

We got to hear a total of 10 ice breakers:

Andrew McGuire (Jan 2)

Fahad Memon (Jan 16)

Nima Dabidian (Jan 30)

Ryan Riolo (Feb 20)

David Bell (Feb 20)

Aleksandra Savic (Feb 27)

Sohil Maknojia (Feb 27)

Winry Mock (Feb 27)

Newton Liu (Mar 6)

Camille Johnson (Mar 20)

In addition, Mike, Isaac, and Ed earned an education award:

Isaac Lee (ALB, Jan 2)

Mike Keenan (ACS, Jan 9)

Isaac Lee (ACB, Feb 20)

Ed Spurlock (CC, Mar 20)

We will meet all 10 Distinguished Club Program (DCP) goals, for the first time in our 26-year club history!



16 people joined Central Austin Toastmasters between January and March, effectively raising the club size to 31 members. As a result, we will receive the Talk Up Toastmasters! award from Toastmasters International and the Brag Board Contest award from District 55.

It's easy to feel lost in a large group of people. Rest assured, we will make sure that you get to meet your goals and help our club. If you haven't, please say hi to fellow new members at the next meeting:

Aleksandra Savic

Alicia Ortega

Andrew McGuire

Bayram Binbir

Beia Lynch

Camille Johnson

David Bell

Fahad Memon

Jackson Massad

John Zdunczyk

Newton Liu

Nima Dabidian

Ryan Riolo

Sizer Yerger

Sohil Maknojia

Winry Mock

Lastly, Paul Hubbard met his 2-year anniversary with Central Austin in March. Congratulations to Paul!


Public Relations

We did a great job of reaching out to the public and fellow clubs in Austin, and look forward to more members helping out and representing our club.

Five members participated our club contest (Feb 13):

Allison Seamans

Beia Lynch

Isaac Lee

Newton Liu

Sohil Maknojia

Allison and Isaac won 1st and 2nd places in Table Topics, and Isaac and Beia 1st and 2nd in International! Moreover, Isaac won 2nd in Area J64, International (Feb 25).

From January to March, Milli Litton, Isaac Lee, and Allison Seamans helped Launch Pad Toastmasters run Speechcraft so that they can get new members. We received an Excellence ribbon from District 55 for lending help.

Lastly, we earned the Golden Gavel award and will be recognized at District 55 Conference in May!


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