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New Ways to Improve Are Here

I am excited to let you know that we are starting a blog initiative as a new avenue to improve your writing skills. We will do so by opening our blog to member participation.

Writing is a skill that is used on a daily basis, and is an essential skill to succeed in your career. Whether it's email, Slack or even a presentation, writing is a skill that can always be grown—similar to how speaking is a skill that we can always improve on.

Each month, we will give you an option between two writing themes. This month's themes are Confidence and Positivity. Deadline is March 3. (You can send your article anytime before this date.)

Here are the guidelines:

  • Your article should follow the month’s themes

  • Length between 750 – 1,050 words

  • Send what you wrote to your VP of Public Relations:

  • No personal brand plugs. Our blog is about the improvement of others and yourself.

  • Confirm if you want your article reposted on Central Austin Toastmasters LinkedIn.

  • Optional: Header Image (please respect copyright)

  • Optional: Author profile (outlined below)

  • Your Name

  • Toastmaster Level (e.g. Innovative Planning Level 1, Competent Communicator)

  • Month & Year you joined

  • Why you joined Toastmasters

I am super excited for us to be doing this. I look forward to seeing what everyone has to say about Confidence and Positivity this month!

Feel free to also send an email my way if you have any questions.

Happy writing and speaking, everyone!

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