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3 Club Updates

Central Austin Toastmasters continues to improve thanks to all of our members!

Based on the responses to Kate's club survey (please give thanks!), Central Austin Toastmasters will work on these 3 areas immediately:

  • Revamp mentoring

  • Give better evaluations

  • Create more socials

1. Mentoring

Taylor and Xiaochuan have enlisted 10 mentors this week. We'll have an online training for mentors on October 27, so that mentors can work with their mentees right away.

We'll also have New Member Orientation after meeting on November 5. If you joined in August or after, please stay for your 30-minute orientation.

2. Evaluation

Improving evaluations requires both members and officers to work their part.

(1) As Speaker, you must provide your speech info (project and speech title) by Friday before your speech date. Otherwise, you will lose your speaking slot to another member.

This ensures that your Evaluation has time to look at your project and know what to evaluate. It also helps your Toastmaster, VP Education, and VP Public Relations with organizing the meeting.

(2) Jay and I will work on providing training on how to evaluate effectively. This ensures that your Evaluator knows how to evaluate your speech.

3. Socials

We will have more socials outside of our Monday meetings so that we can foster more friendship.

At any time, you are welcome to pitch events for socials. Please contact Troy, your VP Public Relations. On Wednesdays, Troy will email everyone to get your idea and send out an event invite.


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