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2018 Spring Contest

On 2/26, Central Austin Toastmasters will have a club contest for Evaluation and International. The winners from our club will advanced to the next level on 3/24.

I much encourage everyone to attend and enter the contest. You will find out how much you have improved in your public speaking skills, meet and make friends with contestants outside of our club, and learn new skills from them.

The Evaluation contest, open to all members, will feel familiar. All contestants will listen to our test speaker give a 5-7 minute speech, then one-by-one, will give their 2-3 minute evaluation. The contestants will be graded by their abilities to analyze the speech, give specific recommendations, motivate the speaker, and summarize their evaluation.

The International contest, open to all members who have given at least 6 speeches for the CC manual, will feel more serious. It is the only category where our club winner can advance all the way to the international level. The contestants will give a 5-7 minute speech on a topic of their choice (often inspirational). They will be graded by their abilities to organize their speech, share an original thought, use body language and vocal variety effectively, and move the audience.

Please let me know if you would like to enter our contest or lend help in organizing it. Thanks.


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