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Outline Your Speech

Outline your speech so that you can give an effective speech in a short time.

Often, you have little time to give a speech or presentation. In this case, you will want to outline your speech and use your impromptu speaking skills. Today, Beia shares the outlines for her previous speeches. Try to see if you can create a speech from her outlines.


Title: Prisoner of the Mind

Original speech date: January 23, 2017

Project: Competent Communication #6 (Vocal Variety)

How many of you ever meditated?

Next month going.

One of the greatest things I have ever done in my life. Attending for 5 years now as a student and a volunteer.


- The history/origins

- Goenka

- Global

- Donation based

- The 10 day courses

- The technique

- Benefits

- Total Liberation

- Its origins

Buddhist India to Burma then back to India 2,000 years old

- Goenka

Burmese business man

Looking for cure of migraine headaches

The goal: Purification of the mind and liberation and enlightenment

- The 10 day courses


Noble silence

Supportive atmosphere

- Vipassana

- Donation based

- Global

There are XX centers all over the world in XX continents. Many people travel to serve at centers in other states or abroad.

- Benefits

Unique to the individual. Noticed in myself and others a deep sense of gratitude and compassion. Not because we 'SHOULD' feel that way but because it becomes glaringly obvious, it is the most logical way, the most accurate. A desire to forge meaningful connections with others, an awareness of one's speech... to communicate with honesty and integrity.

The mind influences the body and the body influences the mind. Many find physical relief from physical ailments.

Sharper sensory perception

Master the mind rather than succumb to it

Calm perseverance in the face of challenges

Greater patience with others, less judgment

More developed back muscles


Title: What's Your Type?

Original speech date: February 6, 2017

Project: Competent Communication #8 (Get Comfortable with Visual Aids)

Familiar with personality types?


- Going to explain what they are, what my type is and how it has helped me to understand myself and others

- Myers-Briggs

- Jungian archetypes

- I/E, N/S, F/T, P/J

- I am INFP or INFJ

- Celebrities of same type

So a friend told me...

Fashion graphic design

Got my attention

Myers-Briggs / Jungian archetypes

I/E, N/S, F/T, P/J

Famous INFP's

Famous ESTJ's

Everyone has a place

Learn about self, and others who think differently than you


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