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News Roundup (Q2 2017)

We finished our 2016-17 Toastmasters year extremely well. I think we showed that, by members working towards common goals, a club can change for the better within a year! There are still a few areas in which we can improve, but that's why we have next year. :)


6 Club Awards

Brag Board Contest, 1st Place

Talk Up Toastmasters! Award

We were one of the few clubs in District 55 who increased their club size by a double digit in 3 months. Thanks to Beia, who created our Brag Board poster, we won 1st Place in the district and had a free pizza social on June 26!

At the District Conference, Milli, Isaac, Mike, Sylvie, and Allison represented Central Austin Toastmasters.

Elite President's Distinguished Award

Pace Setter Award

Golden Compass Award

This year, we met all 10 DCP goals, 3 months ahead of time! The more DCP goals that a club meets, the better it's serving its members and guests. Let's achieve all DCP goals again next year!

At the Golden Gavel meeting, members and guests at Central Austin Toastmasters gathered for a group photo.

Golden Gavel Award

To challenge ourselves to excellence, we held a Golden Gavel meeting for the first time. Thanks to our members and guests, we met all 11 requirements for a "perfect" meeting.



On April 3, Sylvie gave her 10th speech and earned her CC award. On May 1, Mike C. gave his 6th speech and is now half-way through the CC! Lastly, on May 22, Milli earned her CL award.

We got to hear ice breakers from 3 of our new members:

Jackson Massad (Apr 17)

Steven Tran (Jun 12)

Troy Bartlett (Jun 26)

A few times in May and June, we scrambled our agenda at the last minute due to speech cancellations. Speakers, while it's ok to cancel your speech at times, please be accountable by finding a substitute speaker for your Toastmaster.

If you need help coming up with a speech or delivering it in front of a crowd, ask your VP Education (Isaac) for help today. You can also lend help by signing up to be a mentor.



4 members celebrated their anniversaries with Central Austin Toastmasters:

Allison Seamans (1 year)

Beia Lynch (1 year)

Jason Bogdanski (2 years)

Sylvie Dodell (2 Years)

In addition, 4 people joined our club between April and June, raising the club size to 28 members.

Brian Lopez (special guest)

Kate Price

Rick White

Rita Sepulvado

Troy Bartlett

To promote attendance and energy in our meetings, we held two membership contests and started voting for the Best Table Topic Speaker.

Members, you are responsible for helping our club grow in size and quality. If you have friends who may be interested in Toastmasters or have ideas for improving our club, please let your VP Membership (Milli) know!


Public Relations

Through multiple awards, we got to advertise our club in the district. In addition, Isaac was appointed Area K75 Director, and will be helping 5 clubs in north Austin next year.

In August, we will have a Club Contest (category: Humorous) and an Open House to have fun and find new members. Contact your VP Public Relations (Fahad) today to offer help!


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