Traditional Program

Toastmasters education offers the communication track, which allows you to become a better speaker, and the leadership track, a better leader. You can work on both tracks at the same time, and earn several awards along the way.

For simplicity, we like to divide our education as follows. First, we have the beginner track, where you learn the basics in communication and leadership. Then, we have the advanced track, where you refine your skills and learn to apply them in your life.

Here is our promise to you: You get to choose what you want to work on, how far you want to go, and how fast you want to improve yourself. No matter your choice, we will always support you in your journey.

1. Beginner Track

We all start Toastmasters as a beginner. You become a Competent Communicator by completing 10 speech projects. Each project looks at 1 skill in communication, so that you learn to be a better speaker in small steps. For example, you work on giving an organized speech in one project, then expressing your body language in another, then using vocal variety in yet another.

Competent Communicator
  • 10 speech projects

Similarly, you work on 10 leadership projects to become a Competent Leader. Each project looks at 1 skill in leadership, and you get to take on meeting roles and lead our club outside of the meetings.

Competent Leader
  • 10 leadership projects

Don't forget to give yourself a hearty pat on the back when you become a Competent Communicator or a Competent Leader! You did something incredible that many people have yet to do.

2. Advanced Track

Next, you work on refining your skills. To become an Advanced Communicator, you work on 6 (out of 15) advanced manuals. Each manual focuses on 1 type of communication. In addition, you give 3 presentations and practice leadership by serving as a mentor.

Advanced Communicator
  • 6 advanced manuals

  • 3 presentations

  • 1 leadership role

To become an Advanced Leader, you take on 3 leader roles at the club, area, and district levels. Moreover, you practice communication by giving 2 presentations. Lastly, you complete a High Performance Leadership project.

For brevity, we combined your goals for achieving the bronze, silver, and gold awards in the advanced track. Please read the Toastmasters Recognition pamphlet for more information.

Advanced Leader
  • 3 leadership roles

  • 2 presentations

  • High Performance Leadership

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